Friday, October 3, 2008

Henry Boy's Surgery

We have a date set...FINALLY!

Henry and I just got back from seeing our urologist and his surgery is set for Wednesday October 8th at 9:30am. We love our urologist. He said he likes to do these surgeries when they turn 6 months...of course he does. Our other urologist said we had to wait until he was a year. Our new doctor is very matter of fact and completely confident, and acted like this was no big deal--which I need in a doctor, because I am a SPAZ. The timing is a complete blessing because my mom is off next week and Tara is off Wednesday through Friday as well. Thank you Jesus...You do know what You are doing.

Please pray for the doctors and nurses, Henry to have courage, Ryan and I to trust in the doctors and of course the Lord, pray that Henry heals perfectly and for our COBRA to work out the way it should.

If you want to know more about what Henry has, you can look up hypospadias at

Our doctor was voted one of the top doctors in Phoenix Magazine. His name is Dr. Argueso. My friend Jen told us about him and I am so thankful to have him doing Henry's surgery. I will keep you posted!

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Candace Lute said...

Hi Jenny,
I saw your blog link on facebook and I was reading your recent blogs...I will be praying for Henry and you and Ryan on the 30th!! I know that God is with you now in the days leading up to then and He will be with you then too and of course in the days to follow while he is recovering. It's so hard when your baby is hurting and you can't explain to them why and that it will get better...hopefully the doctor will have some effective pain medicine for him afterwards!:)