Monday, August 22, 2011

"Hot" Days, Cool Water

This will go down as a great summer day
The Gilbert House, a picnic with shared food
and the water pad
I miss summer already and it is not over yet

And the Water Wars Begin

Henry and Jacob were fighting the water!
looks like a surfer
hmm...I wonder what happens if I

Run away sister!

"We saved the world"
Perfect Ending to a Warm Day with Friends

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Days

I have a new job.
with benefits,
great thing, but
our dog days of summer are numbered
and i am bound and determined to
fully enjoy each day
and do things with the boys
that we can only do in the summer, so...

we decided to get our swim gear on and go to the splash pad down on the river front
I did not take my camera, so no pictures, but I did take these before we left

homemade popsicles on the deck
they reminded me of the Disneyland Minute Made Popsicles and
it reminded me of Liz & I always trying to make our own popsicles
usually we would not wait long enough and they wouldnt be fully frozen, no matter
Liz got me these molds for a shower gift,
this is the first time I've used them
um, this boy is so funny
this is what we do twice a day, everyday
Henry & I's chairs out in the sun
and this is my summer fun, reading a book in the 80 sun or 73 degree shade
Right now I am reading a memoir. My last two books I got at my used books store have been memoirs. Totally accidental like most of my book findings are. I literally judge a book by its cover. This often gets me into reading predicaments. For example I just read Raven Stole the Moon, by Garth Stein. The cover was a girl with a red umbrella and a red rain coat in boots on a shore. I loved it, and it was on the popular picks shelf, so I got it. I started reading an it was going great except for like a paragraph in (something to do with an accident with a child--I do not read these kind of books--nope), but I decided to keep reading because it was intriguing. Then it had some Native Alaskan folklore--oh no a thriller (I also do not read scary books--I have a hard enough time falling asleep as it is). But now I was so into it I had to keep reading. So alas I continued, and then it got really scary (for me, maybe not for you) and so I put it down and decided not to read more. Except the next day I finished it real fast, so that the monsters wouldn't get me--ya this was the train of thought. See what I mean, a predicament.

More fun to come.