Saturday, May 28, 2011

Will's best bud

So, when I was compiling pictures for Will's first year blog, there was one person who was in a lot of pictures. Besides Henry, Claire came in at a close 2nd.

So here are some sweet ones, that not only show their fun friendship, but chronological their growth this past year as well.

Claire's Arizona visit with her mom
to see her new friend
Uh, does anyone see baby Will eating my stroller?
Yum, is this a real pumpkin
Here, Will, let me get that for you, your parents are trying to embarrass you
Jenny, when is Will going to sit up, I was sitting up at 3 months
We're Cute!
Hi friend!
Uh, Jenny, Will is eating a horse and not sharing, I'm just sayin'

I don't know if I am allowed to bite her finger, but she's letting me so...
so sweet Clairey

Don't worry Jenny, I'll take care of him
Thank you Claire Bear for looking out for Will!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let Me Count the Ways

Oh happy Day
May 10, 2011
William Reid's 1st Birthday

Wasn't it just yesterday...
I loved this day

Look at all that dark hair
and the love of his brother
a winning match
his first outing
the boys club
makes my heart hurt

How did he go from that to this...I mean is this the same child?
Will explorer.
loves to read and concentrate on things
plays hard and sleeps semi-hard
love to blow bubbles
and smile
we are trying to show his teeth
loves the camera
and new things
He is fo fo fo fweet!
How do we love this boy...let us count the ways!
Some Will facts at a year old:
as of 5/28/11
a little over 20 pounds
can say a few words including:star,pa pa, ma ma, da da,
down or maybe done, hi, gully gully, and ba
I know the last two are not words, but he says them so much they must be
likes to get into things he shouldn't: the tv, dishwasher,
computer, the bathroom, bedrooms, buttons on all things and looks at us like "try and stop me"
BFF is Claire Sanderson, blog to follow
Can almost walk 3-4 steps and loves to try--thinks it is so funny
loves his brother
wants to be outside (this has always been his first love--AZ boy)
and he is loved more and more everyday

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The One with the Urine

The moment we have all been waiting for, at least our bunco group has...
Some people use ultrasounds
not this group--this group uses urine and drain-o
get to it Jod. we know you have to go.
Here we go ladies...I'm so nervous
Do it Jen!
just add Drain-O
tough on grease, accurate with babies
actually if you want it to be accurate Jen N. needs to administer the test
who thinks it's a girl?
Who thinks it is going to be a boy?
my hand is raised by the way
Jodi hears,
It is totally a "_____!"
It smells bad.
Smell it.
And the color is...greenish blueish
You want to know what it is don't you?
According to the Drain-O test...
As a back up method Jodi decided to go ahead with her ultrasound.


New game tonight, so we could all be together in one room
I call these SacagewEEa coins, even thought they are John Adams
apparently I do not know how to say Sacagewea
there's all my money, just thrown around like a rag doll
it WAS my money...
should you share?
I wouldn't either, well maybe with the pregnant lady

Birthdays are for everyone

It was my birthday yesterday.
Birthdays are very important, greatly celebrated events in my family and extended family. It was a time for parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and the few REALLY good friends to come together eat food, laugh, sometimes argue, hit a pinata, and open presents. This was a monthly event in my family, because I have many cousins. Even if it wasn't your birthday, you still looked forward to those times, because well it was fun to be together. I explained this to one of my roommates when I first moved to Oregon, and she said, "You might want to go home for your birthday." And so I did.

So imagine my joy when yesterday 2 things happened:
1. Henry was VERY disappointed when Ryan went to work, because it was, "Mommy's birthday!" and then again when I got ready for work, "but it's your birthday!" All day he kept saying, "when are we going to your birthday?" What does this say to me? He thinks other people's birthday are just as exciting and important as his, well at least almost as exciting. Like his mother, he appreciates a crowd celebrating.

and 2. when my birthday landed on Bunco Night. This may seem silly or old ladyish to some, but I love Bunco. I always leave encouraged, having laughed hard, sometimes poorer, but always richer in camaraderie.
these were trick candles--been a long time

A present, a chocolate cake and a dress richer tonight!
I let Henry eat cake for breakfast.
After I cut him a piece, he was still not satisfied saying,
"You need candles on a birthday cake."