Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who Who Who let the "dog" out?

So last year after Halloween, Ryan and I went to Target and found a Halloween costume for Henry for this year. It was 75% off, woo hoo, the problem was that it was for a nine month old. We figured because Henry was swallowed up in his Chili Pepper Costume that he would maybe fit in it. Our little two week old Chili Pepper... Halloween 2007

So of course I cannot find his costume we bought last year, because everything is still packed and I have no idea where I put it. Our storage is packed to the front and who knows where it could be in there. So I was so very sad. Not that Henry will be doing Halloween this year anyway...he has surgery on the 30th. So day before yesterday I was digging around in a box of clothes that I have at my moms and I felt something furry, no it was not a mouse, it was Henry's Dog Costume. Turns out, it may be too small by Halloween anyway. I put him in it and we greeted Ryan. He is so stinking cute in it, I am sad he probably won't be able to wear it. He is not sad though...he was very irritated by it.

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TrishtheDish said...

He HAS to wear it when I come!! HAHAHAHAHAHA His auntie will give him lots of candy. Best puppy EVER