Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I miss Oregon today

Not for any particular reason I guess. Well maybe because I found these first few pictures in a long lost folder on Ryan's computer. Made me miss my friends and some of my favorite moments. Ryan in a cowboy hat asking me to take a picture with him and me wondering if he liked me yet. Sitting on the Sprague soccer bench...loving the girls on the field and have a very special place for the girls that sat with me on the bench, entertaining me and teaching me about soccer and life. Jenny Hill and I as the ASU vs. OSU game...the one we walked ten miles to get to. A couple of pictures from our engagement party with friends that make your heart hurt you miss them so bad. Lora's bach party at the Melting Pot, I can still see her licking the pot (not marijuana, the pot the chocolate came in). A couple of new pictures from our December trip. The Sandersons--oh how we miss you! And a million more pictures running through my head of people and places...
Ryan & Jenny pre-dating

Jenny on the bench trying to sneak cookies to the girls

Pictures from our engagement surprise party

Melting Pot

Love you guys

Friday, January 23, 2009

Let it all out!

Sorry, no volume! This is my first time posting a video.
I have no idea where he gets this from.

Go Beavs Baseball!

We found out this week that Henry needs tubes in his ears. Oh Joy, oh rapture! Henry is really excited about the anesthesia...it's his favorite.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

By the way...Happy New Year

We were very fortunate to ring in the New Year with our friends in Oregon! Well, most people rang in the New Year, I for one, did not. I snuck to bed at about 11:00pm, because let's face it, I go to bed at 9:00 and I couldn't hang. At least I lasted longer than Henry and Jacob...they had an early New Year Celebration...
Thanks Dean for the decorations. Thanks friends for the great night...we miss you!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

They are not HITTING they are High-Fiving

Best Buds

Henry and Jacob really are high-fiving in this picture...they are very smart you know. Jodi and I had some informal discussions on the whole "hitting" subject and I just want to put out there that I think that "hitting" is for the most part not hurting at this age. Now, I am not an gigantical expert on the subject of toddler hitting, but I am a preschool teacher and I have been observing the behavior closely. What I mean by my statement is I do not think that when a toddler hits they are doing so to be mean. Lots of people may easily agree with me, but when it comes to their own child hitting or being hit--in the moment--lets be honest we tend to over-react if not on the outside then on the inside. This is just a forming conclusion and I am going to think about it and observe it more, but I also do not think that kids ONLY learn hitting from other kids, right...the chicken before the egg thing. I am not advocating that we just let kids pound each other, but I am chewing on this a little. Those are my jubbled thoughts as I go back to my 16 2-year-olds tomorrow!
Oh and Henry misses you terribly Jacob...he was hugging your picture this morning.