Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Name Game...Chuck Chuck Bo Buck Banana Fana Fo...uh

Naming a child. Important. I always wanted my kids to have names that meant something to me and would hopefully mean something to them.
Take Henry. First of all that was my name for 31 years and not just my last name. Most people called me "JennyHenry" as one name. I loved it. I loved having the last name Henry. People knew who I was especially in my hometown. I loved being one of the "Henry-girls" (people still ask if I am a Henry-girl and I proudly proclaim my name). I kept my name locked into my legal name after I got married. Legally I am Jennifer Lynn-Henry Gelbrich. Although I loved being a Gelbrich, it hurt to give up my name, it was part of who I was. I mourned it to say the least.
When we found out we were having a boy, I knew that Henry would be his name. I also knew that Henry was not very popular and kind of an old man's name. But I wanted it. Mainly because it was my dad's name and in our family of girls how would it go on? Also the first born on my Tata's side of the family was always named Henry. That was not my main reason, but it made the list. The last reason was two epidurals, 3 hours of pushing and nurse ratchet and doctor duh, I was getting whatever I wanted...graciously from my husband.
(I am getting to the name, I promise)
So Henry it was and it is and it is perfect.

Ryan and I wanted to give this new baby boy a name that meant something to us. We went through all the men/young men we love and admire and decided we would pick names of Young Life kids we would one day want our son(s) character to resemble. We had a list and we love lots of kids. But it came down to two. Now I am speaking for myself here, so Ryan has his own reasons and these are mine.
Our child's first name is Will, after Will Kellar. This is one of Ryan's YL/lacrosse kids turned friend. I love him too. Always available and willing to do anything! He is Ryan's go to guy. He is polite, funny, loves people, loves the Lord and is tenacious about everything he does. Someone you want to be your son or son-in-law.
Our child's second name is Reid. We cannot talk about Reid without smiling and loving this person. If you know Reid, he is just so Reidy. He was actually Ryan and my first child. We had co-custody long before we even dated. Reid took Ryan and I on a date with his girlfriend. I think Reid always knew we would eventually figure it out so did not mind putting us in uncomfortable situations because it would be part of our story someday and HE would be part of our story. And I guess that is right. He is part of our story and now so is his name.
Thank you guys for being in our lives and making a difference in the lives of people around you...we can only hope our sons grow up to be the men you are and are becoming.
So the full name is William Reid Gelbrich. Ryan's grandpa's name is William Gelbrich and we thought that this is also a way to honor Ryan's family.
We will call him Will and when I am mad I will call him WILLIAM REID (isn't that perfect Reid, because I was/am always yelling at you).

and Will
Keep growing William Reid...cannot wait for you to be here,
(but not for another 8 weeks please).


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TrishtheDish said...

Perfection. Love Will already. Will Will Bo Bill banana fana fo fil. WILL! Good, clean FUN!

Katauras said...

I love Will! Henry and Will. They are going to go together like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

j.nelson said...

Will just showed me this post and I had to comment! (even though I don't know you) You should have seen his face when he got the phone call - I wish I could have bottled it up to show you guys.

Jenny said...

Julie, that is so sweet. You are a lucky girl and I know that Will chooses well, so I am sure he is lucky as well. Take care