Friday, October 31, 2008

Henry and Halloween

As a lot of you know, Henry had his surgery on Thursday. He did very well. Everything is fixed and healing well (as far as we can tell). We loved our nurses and PA and of course Dr. Argueso was amazing. The surgery only took an hour and I felt peaceful waiting for the doctor to come out. When I went back to the recovery room after Henry woke up his monkey was dressed as a surgeon--we love the people at St. Joe's! I would have pictures, but Ryan did not want a photo record of the surgery...I can understand.
Thank you for praying, we felt covered. I feel very relieved, it seemed as though I had been holding my breath for the past few months and I can finally exhale. I am thankful for our family and friends who are so faithful to pray and help with Henry during this healing time.
Henry was doing so well that we decided to take him to the Apache Junction Parks and Rec Halloween Carnival. He was very sleepy, but excited to be outside and with his cousins.
My mom's Halloween tradition is to buy enough candy for about 100 trick-or-treaters, but only about 8 show up every year. We don't mind, she always buys the best candy.

My only sadness for Halloween night was not being able to hand out candy with Jodi, a Halloween tradition. Well except for the year Lisa talked me in to shutting off the lights and hiding in the back room, so the trick-or-treaters would not think anyone was home. But Jodi did show up that night and I helped her find all our old candy around the house, mainly the stuff my mom would send for holidays, and hand it out with her.


TrishtheDish said...

Our mom does buy the best candy.

TrishtheDish said...

I miss the boys :(

Also I had to verify this word to publish this post: angedir

It reminds me of something Zane would say

candace said...

So glad that is over for you guys:) God is so faithful! Yay that Henry felt up to getting out of the house after his surgery:)