Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Hair Cut

"Time for a haircut Henry," says Henry's mean mom. "WAAAAAA," said Henry.
Today we said goodbye to baby Henry's lovely locks. I know there were only a few, but I was tired of him looking like Dwight from the Office. Watch the Office this week and you will see what I mean.
We went to a place called Cool Cuts for Kids. It is a good concept. There are televisions at each station with a dvd or video game. Kids can sit in a car and get their haircut--we tried this with Henry and he looked at me like I was smoking crack. So, as you will see in the pictures, he sat on Ryan's lap--don't they look like a pair! As you will also see from the pictures, Henry ended up in my arms, getting a haircut standing up with me holding his arms. We tried blowing bubbles, which he loved until the "stylist" (quotes are because I use that term loosely) came at him with the clippers. She did do a good job of clipping and cutting quickly and she even used the scissors on the top while Henry was screaming and squirming.
We paid $20, for 5 minutes...we will be using Grammy's Hair Cutting Salon from now on--my mom's kitchen.
We will also not be going back, because they tried three times to sell us gel that smelled like cookie dough. Oh ya, I would LOVE Henry to smell like cookie dough! "Who made cookies?" "Oh no it is not cookies, just Henry's hair." No, no and heck no!
When we said no the second time, the manager looked at me and said, "Oh, do you already have gel at home for him?" Like I was ridiculous for not having hair product for my 11 month baby BOY. I said, "Look lady, you are lucky we even came in here. And no, I am not going to buy your smelly gel for my son's 5 hairs, even if it is 20% off...even if it is 75% off!" No, I did not tell her that. I just courtesy laughed and turned around and acted like I was showing Henry something.


Dwight Shrute Hair

Henry is now ready for his 1 year old pictures tomorrow.

And mom, it is a blog, not a blob. FYI.


Aunt Suzie said...

So, where us Aunt Suzie when you need her?

TrishtheDish said...

Nice blob