Thursday, April 22, 2010

if it falls on the ground, that's where it stays

This is my new motto for the next two weeks and for the past two weeks. It is not possible or desirable for me to bend down anymore. At school, my little friends are helpful in this endeavor. Here at home, well let's just say there is a lot of crap on the floor.

Liquid GOLD

So I do not usually talk about merchandise on my blog, but I have to because I love this stuff so much.
It is Jojoba oil. I love it. I use it everyday. On my face, my pregnant belly, all over (I mix it with my lotion). I get it from my esthetician (eyebrow lady). It is great on sunburns and I put it on Henry's sensitive skin. I caught him using my brand new bottle of liquid gold the other day as he was watching TV. I screamed in my mouth and when his head was turned hid it from him.

No, I do not buy the big bottle, mainly because I would worship it in secret and I love Jesus. A little bottle lasts me about 2-3 months. My mom bought me a new bottle and tonight I am packing it in my hospital bag.
The End

Sunday, April 18, 2010


This is what Ryan is making us for dinner tonight...
Flank Steak Tacos with Cucumber, Avocado, & Mango Salsa

It is our favorite meal to serve to visitors, but alas no visitors until after dinner. Can't wait to see you Reid.
All I think about is food these days. Right now I crave peanuts in the shell and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. I will be making some tonight with a secret recipe from Monmouth, Oregon. Cannot wait!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Tata's

The Henry's first Easter morning without Grandma Vi. Sheeeit, we missed her.
Tata graciously let us hide eggs at his house.
A beautiful and blessed family we are...thank you Jesus for your grace and glory.
Thanks Zach for leaving eggs for the little boys
So fun to watch Henry this year
"This one and that one, this egg"
I have never seen Zane run so fast
The loot
We colored eggs yesterday. The colorful one is my favorite...Zach's artistry
Yes Zach has a real smile
What is in our eggs
Zane has two bags of eggs
Henry loves his Tata
Daddy love
The Henrys
and a nap before the Yankee game
We live in abundance
My cup overflows

Let That Pony Run

A New Life
First thing Easter Morning we took a ride out to Uncle Mike's Ranch. A couple weeks ago Cowboy Mike witnessed a new foal come into the world. As he described the birth this morning, I was wishing that it would be like that for me in a few weeks--a girl can dream.
We fell in love with this baby horse right away, she came right up to us like a puppy and wanted some affection. The mother followed protectively. Along with the mother/baby there were two yearlings from another ranch who also wanted some attention. When the baby was getting too much attention, one of the yearlings nipped at it and they all started running. Henry also got to pet JD, an old friend, horse number 5. It was a great way to start this Resurrection day...

Thanks Cowboy Mike

Saturday, April 3, 2010

P&R Easter Egg Hunt 2010

No rain this year, which is good and bad. There were a crazy amount of people there which should remind us how important these events are and how grateful we should be to the City of AJ for providing us with them.
Henry had a good time and got 9 eggs. At the beginning everyone gets one and then they have to freeze. I told Henry, "Only ONE." He said, "No mommy, not one, TEN." Almost son.
As for me, as you can see, I am growing a huge egg in my belly.