Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who let the ducks out...who, who, who?

To begin, let's go back. About 8 years ago I was at YL weekend camp for the first time in Oregon. We were at Wildhorse Canyon and it happened to be Civil War weekend, which is the Oregon State Beavers versus the University of Oregon Ducks' big football game. When you move to Oregon one of the first questions is, "Are you a Duck or a Beaver?" We watched the game in the club room that weekend and I decided which ever fans were the least annoying, that is the team I would choose. I sat in the middle and at the end of that game, I choose...drum roll...the BEAVERS! Sorry Duck fans, but I am sure if the Beavers would have won that day, I would have chose the Ducks.

About 6 years later, I married a die hard OSU fan, so I guess I made the right choice in the end.
Fast forward to Saturday Night. At the last minute Ryan bought tickets for 6 of us to go to the ASU-UofO game. We went out to dinner at a yummy Irish Pub and then paid $20--you heard me right $20 to park.
I should have known that the evening was going to be bad when I tripped on the way into the stadium. (See Picture--I tripped on those wheels) Tara tried to keep in her laughter until the guy taking the tickets said, "Oh, everyone trips on that." I did not see anyone else trip on them.
So we all excitedly walk into the stadium, we see a few duck fans and my 2 year old nephew says, "No no ducks!" And so it began. Then we got to our seats and this is what we saw first... And then I sat down and this is what I saw...By this time we were all laughing at our situation and I excitedly took pictures of my Sun Devil family in the midst of Ducks... Little by little as more ASU fans started getting there (also bewildered about their seats) it evened out a bit. As the fireworks went off and the national anthem ended we were excited for the game to begin. We would soon be disappointed as our Sun Devils were playing like a JV Football team. But that is not the story...
Out of the corner of my eye I see a hand going near my brother-in-law. I turn around and see drunk ducks or at least people in green and yellow laughing and acting foolish. I turn back around and a little later my brother-in-law says, "who tapped me." Me and my sister turn around. And again the drunk ducks are laughing. This is where things go up a notch. Tara is wondering if maybe we know them, because why on earth would they be doing this to people they do not know. We are both looking at them like "What the heck?" The guy, who by the way has a ASU shirt on and a duck shirt over his shoulder, says, "It was just a joke." And they all are continuing to act foolish. I say something like, "Well we do not think it is funny" or "we are not laughing." And then Tara gives the girls a you better watch out look and then we both turn around totally annoyed (we were already annoyed enough at the game). Then all of a sudden one of the girls starts shooting off her mouth. Saying, "Well we are from OREGUN." I am instantly embarrassed for my beloved state. And then she starts saying stuff about me and Tara, saying, "Well those A-holes in front of us..." She says it about three times before Tara and I both turn around. The drunk girl duck turns around and looks the other way. Tara taps her and says, "I am confused, are you calling us A-holes." I start to get nervous, but I know Tara can take her and four of her friends (she could, but she wouldn't). Her friend says, "She was talking about the people behind us." Tara's smarter than that, "No, she said in front of you, not behind you. And I am still confused you are mad at us when it was you guys messing with us???? And you are cussing in front of all these kids." We turn back around. She says some more things under her breath and then about 5 minutes later the whole flock of drunk ducks get up and leave. As they are leaving the drunk duck slash Sun Devil tapper guy who started the whole thing, leans over to Tara and says, "I am really sorry, I did not mean for it to get ugly." Tara says, "It is totally okay, everything was fine until your girl started getting rowdy, but it really is okay." And then they flew the coop.

Needless to say I made a good decision 8 years ago.

Here are a few more pics from our eventful night...
At the beginning of the night Wayne tells Zach when he is in college he can sit with all of his friends in the student section. Zach turns to his dad and says, "Dad, I will be playing on the field." Well, okay then. Why is Donald wearing pajamas? Even duck fans were bewildered.

Best part of my night...caramel apple rolled in peanuts and chocolate chips!

Zane is sad the caramel apple is gone

Zach and Ryan are frustrated about the game. Ryan is texting Dean I am sure. Zach is tired of listening to the Duck fight song over and over.

Now, would she hurt a fly? No, but maybe a drunk duck.


Dean said...

Typical Duck fans... just don't tell my mother in law. If you would have been a better friend, you would have steered Jodi in the right direction 8 years ago.

TrishtheDish said...

HAHAHAHA. Tara told me this story today. She was annoyed because I couldn't stop laughing about Wayne getting "tapped". I was like what do you mean "tapped"? Great story. Love the pictures. Ducks Drool

Eric and Jamie said...

Go Beavs!