Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving & the Daniels

We are so thankful this year for many reasons, but on this Thanksgiving we are thankful that we got to share my family with Kristi and Nathan some of our Oregon family/friends (although they live in Cali right now). They got to experience Thanksgiving outside, which is par for the course in AZ. It was actually a little too warm for me, 80 degrees is not my friend in November. I digress.

Henry and Zach and Zane were actually there, but for some reason I forgot to photograph them, oh well they could use some time off.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Feast

We did not make the vests this year, but kids had a great time getting ready for our celebration. It was fun to all be together and watch the kids enjoy their feast. The kids loved looking for their place cards with their pictures on them.

And I got to see the Henry Boy eat his corn and chicken and mashed potatoes.
I am thankful for these kids and a job where I get to be with Henry.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, Why are you lying on the Ground?

Early in Dean and Jodi's relationship, we allowed Dean to help with the Christmas Tree. In fact, I allowed him to be a part of the whole tradition. Including La Hacienda, where Jodi and I share some Mocajete. I think I said "period" that night, luckily Dean could handle it.

We even let Dean the Machine put up the star.

This is my, "this is the best Christmas ever" pose.
I think this was an important step for these two

Who is taking this picture? Maybe the fourth roommate?

A gorgeous finished product.
Later that night, after Dean left us, Jodi went to water the tree and whoa whoa whoa, the tree fell to its doom. Luckily, that was not how Dodi and Jean's relationship ended. (the tree was fine after we stopped laughing and being in shock) But we laughed really hard. Here's to the Christmas Tree of 2004--thanks for the memories
Love you Dean Jodi, Jacob & Claire-bear...
we cant wait to see you and your 5th tree together

Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Lights, More Lights!

You are reading right, we put up our Christmas Tree today. It is never too early in my book. Also taking into consideration that we are leaving the day after Christmas to go to Oregon and we are losing a whole week to enjoy Christmas decorations in our home, I do not feel one bit too early. I also put up my village.
This is our first Christmas to put up our own tree in our own place. I loved loved loved looking at all of my collected ornaments. Mostly red and white and rod iron. Ryan had some red and white bulbs (or balls, if you will) that matched nicely with what I have put together over the years of shopping the after Christmas sales.
Is it real you say? Of course not. Trees in AZ last about 1.5 weeks, but it is a Douglas Fir, to remind us what we would have in Oregon. Speaking of Christmas Trees in Oregon (the Christmas Tree Capitol of the World), stay tuned for a blog about the fallen Christmas tree. I cant wait.

Henry kept saying, "More lights!" after I would take out a strand.
Boy after my own heart!
Henry did not want to wear the tree skirt...hmm?
Hi sweater ornament, you finally get to be put on a tree!
Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!
Ryan doing the dirty work, so I could do the fun part

Get ready to turn on the lights!
Wow and that is only half of them!
I had tons of tear drop white lights from my wedding (that I never used). I was so excited to use them. I think they look great!

I love you think there are enough lights, be honest.

Still a Monkey Boy

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Other Halloween Zabadoo

Yes this is time number 3 at Vertuccio Farms Pumpkin Patch, but this time Zach & Zane are with us. My favorite part was the Corn Maze...Zach & Ryan led the way!

Little Nathan James Hunt makes his debut!
Poor Henry got his head stuck right after this picture was taken.

Great day all around!