Saturday, March 19, 2011

Get It Together--Part Two--Finished

Week 2--Thank goodness!
Paper Clutter. Seriously, I was embarrassed to have people over. Wouldn't you be, I mean look at this desk. And let me tell you, this is not the only place that had piles of paper clutter. I took about 5 other pictures of mess, but decided to spare you.
I put everything in a box(es) and that is all I did for a couple of days. My mom was here from AZ and she wanted to help, so she did the dreaded coupon mess. Mainly she recycled all my out-of-date ones. HUGE. Anyway, I feel better and our house feels better...
before (cringe)
(and as my friend Lora says, "look at me now")
Oh man, this is painful.
I hated doing this.
Box of crap, bag for recycling, box for keeping and filing or to be put away, a to be shredded box (I need a shredder),
and a throw away bag. This, my friends, was not fun.
My cute mom. Really? Should a mom of 4 daughters, two in their late 30's look like this? One time in high school someone asked me if I was the mom or the daughter. Come on, we are not the Judds (the Judds were big then). I digress.
This is the box of stuff to keep, I wanted to stab myself in the eye with a pencil at this point
This is where I ended.
A box of files, a to be shredded box, a craft box (I need a craft organizer) and a box of things I still need to figure out. Is that cheating?
Again, my organization can use a little more work and I could use a few things to help organize, but I am happy with the progress and I am happy with the desk and the rest of the places where paper was choking my life.
What is next?
We'll find out Monday. This is getting good!
It is not too late to join


hi! my name is Lora. said...

Look at YOU now!! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Do not feel bad. You are actually an encouragement out there to us. I have piles of paper and magazines in my house. I am getting better, but need to start doing this paper clutter challenge. Thanks for being one of the shining lights.

TrishtheDish said...

This blog is so funny! HAHAHAHAHA the Judds...