Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shirtless ABC's

Here is Henry once again with his 23 month old's version of the ABC's
He watched himself after taping and laughed so hard and then when it was over said, "where'd Henry go?" We had another one, but at the end he farted, so it did not make the cut.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Blog

So, I am into my second month of being pregnant. I have decided to start a new blog. Ryan is reading this over my shoulder and said, "Why are you starting a new one?" I told him if he would just wait for me to be done writing, I would explain.

I will still be blogging on 3 from Oregon 2 Arizona, but I decided that maybe not everyone is that interested in reading about my pregnancy. So check it out...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Water and Rocks

Boys like to throw rocks...I have learned this in my 30 some years. Henry is no exception. He LOVES to throw rocks mainly in water...big rocks, small rocks, dirt. It is a very serious thing for him. He like the hunt and the fun of watching the water splash. Lucky for us, it rained a lot today and lots of puddles formed.
And the rock throwing begins

A friend of mine suggested if ever I was around a body of water to throw a rock in it. He said there is always something we need to let go of and throwing a rock into water is a good release. I have to agree, plus it makes the best noise. My favorite place to throw a rock is the Metolious River, by the way.
I love this boy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bundle of Joy

So, about 2 months ago my friend Dani asked if I would help organize Aaron's baby shower with her and her sister Wendy. I was ecstatic and went to work on the invitations (a picture of them later, because I did not make myself one). Lots of invitations, a lunch or two, a cake testing, and a few shopping trips later...we were at Wendy's house loving on Aaron and hoping all of our grandiose ideas would come out even halfway the way we hoped they would. And I have to was a day to remember. I think the three of us were pretty proud of ourselves.