Friday, October 3, 2008

The Rainbow Room

My favorite part about working in a Preschool is the holiday season--starting with Halloween! Kids love it as well. We are in full swing making black spiders, bats and pumpkins. I am planning a pumpkin patch day where we plant pumpkin seeds and then they "mysteriously" grow into pumpkins in one day! Gotta love two year olds! No really you have to...I tell this to myself everyday as kids are peeing and then playing in it and licking their hands--not kidding. Enjoy our decorations...

Our Calendar...we count everyday. One girl can count pretty high. She says thirteen, fourteen, FIVEteen, sixteen. I thought, that IS the way it should be. Whoever thought up fifteen instead of fiveteen needs to be put in timeout...come on guy (you know it was a man), give the poor kids a break!

A little Candalaria.

They do not really follow it, but we say it everyday anyway.

Spooky Spiders

I know, I know garden is missing the E, but I couldn't find it and I just keep forgetting to make a new one. We made this last week, when we were learning to be kind to our classmates. My question is this about kindness--do kids learn to be kind or do they learn to be mean? Let me know if you find that one out.

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