Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is this my life story or what?

So two weeks ago after not hearing from COBRA, I called my people and had them call their people and a week later I got some paper work. I sent it out the next day which was last Wed. or Thursday. After about six different phone calls to 1-866 and 1-800 numbers over the past two days, I find out that my insurance information is out in the "space between." One company has all my information and it "may or may not" be with my actual network that the doctor needs to contact by tomorrow morning so that Henry's surgery will be paid for by...sooooo we have to reschedule the surgery.

What on earth? I mean seriously. This is my life story. I know a little dramatic, but I am going to be dramatic here. We wait and wait to get this surgery, because all the doctors in Oregon say we have to wait until Henry is a year old, because of the anesthesia. Then we talk to the doctors and they say we can get it done early before we move to Arizona. Then the urologist says no that he will do the surgery when Henry is a year old in Salem. Two days later he is no longer doing pediatric urology and we have to get the surgery done in Portland. So we decided to do it in Arizona. I wait to get an appointment until October because that is when our COBRA starts. I finally get a doctor, who by the way says he likes to do this surgery when babies are 6 months old, and finally get a surgery date AND THEN our insurance company cannot get all their ducks in a row!!!!!!!!!!

(I did not get the nickname, "complain Jane" for nothing)

All this to say, Henry's surgery is postponed. His surgery is now scheduled for Thursday, October 30th @ 6:30am at St. Joseph's Children Hospital. Please mark your calendars and pray please for baby Henry and his parents.

I am tired of getting my hopes up. But I still do. I do not want to be Pollyanna, what is wrong with Pollyanna by the way, but I have to keep hoping. As I look at my son telling his Grandad "no no" and smiling and getting into everything, I know this surgery is going to happen and in the end, we will have grown--in patience if nothing else. That is what life is about anyway, not getting our way, but learning from the hard stuff and rejoicing in the good stuff. I am not good at it yet, but now is the time to practice.

AND Henry gets a pain free first birthday! What more could we ask for?


Lora said...

jennifer, that sucks and i'm sorry. vent it out, sister. that's what your blog is for. we're behind ya.

Kathy Wilson said...

Jenny, We are praying for little Henry and his mommy and daddy. The timing of this will be perfect beyond planning: the nasty insurance company is just a vehicle :) Honestly, if you ever write a book I will buy it. I love your writing style - free-flowing, funny and sweet all at once. You go, girl.