Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tuesdays with Jacob

OH these boys
they wrestled in Henry's tent for 20 minutes
I was cringing, but they were loving it
lots of bear hunting and book reading
sharing life and apples

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh Shutterfly, How I Love Thee

I just got done crafting some special photo Christmas presents on my Christmas-B-F-F Shutterfly. This will be my 5th Christmas making Christmas Presents via Shutterfly. Calendars and photo books are my forte. I get so excited that I want to show off my work NOW, but alas I will wait.

What I am NOT going to wait for is making up for last year's lack of Christmas Cards.

This was the main picture on our Christmas Photo Card from
Look at our sweet Henry Boy

I need to get on our holiday cards...right away. So I have been searching Shutterfly for something that fits us. Maybe...
or maybe

This one has some room for words and we all know how I like using those. So we'll see.

Have you thought about your holiday card? Have you thought about sending us one, but do not know our address because every two years we move? Get on it people. Hey if you miss out on the Christmas Cards, Shutterfly has some AMAZING New Year's Cards as well.

Now the question, which picture, hopefully we will have one soon. Maybe I will just use a couple from the 5000 (slight exaggeration) I have uploaded to my Shutterfly account in the last two weeks. I cannot wait!!

Thank you Shutterfly for making it easy for this blogger to make some Christmas decisions this year!

FYI--shutterfly is giving me free cards in exchange for this post. But if you know me, you know that shutterfly and I were already bff's pre-freebies. If you blog you can do it too HERE

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Half Birthday Baby Will

oh baby you have been adored since moment one... Will had wrinkled skin on his hands and feet, which i cannot stand, so the lotion Queen went to work
henry looks so small
Reid & W. Reid
oh how I miss these moments
what happened to all that dark hair
lots of love from b. brother

oh bear bear...their heads are the same size now

too big for the swing now...:(
oh fweet
he love him some brown family

fireworks! fireworks!

so handsome

he loves his animal friends

His Tata
Cowboy Mike

He can sit on his own for a minute or so, before he gets excited
Scooting and rolling all over the floor to get his toy friends
he says, "da, ma, ba, na"
oh my he has a temper
still a cuddler
almost jumps out of his skin to get to his brother
has a love affair with his paci
starting to like cereal...sorta, but REALLY wants our food
I love when he is nursing and comes off to see if I am looking at him and then smiles and goes back to work
loves to laugh
still eating every three hours, sometimes four at night...SOMETIMES
we love him
he loves us
i cannot wait to see what he does next