Friday, October 31, 2008

What is this?

Poor baby Henry. He does not even know what a leaf is.

Thank goodness for my special delivery from a special friend who knows how much I love Oregon in the Fall. I remember seeing the trees turn for the first time. I could not believe the vividness of the bright and deep...delicous. There is nothing like it. We had this huge tree in the first house I stayed in on Stanley Lane. Oh the memories of raking the leaves and sometimes putting them in the yard debris trash can. Jodi standing on the can trying to get a boyfriend (not really, but I always told her that was what she was trying to do). Sometimes the pile of leaves would stay there up until the spring...all in neat piles on the lawn. The neighbors loved us!
I was really missing it (the leaves and Stanley Lane). I am sure I always will.I proudly took the leaves to school and we did projects that I have been wanting to do, but clearly did not have the resources here in Arizona. I am sure parents are going to ask where I got the leaves, I can't wait to tell them.

Thank you Julie for thinking of me!

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