Monday, October 20, 2008

Henry's Birthday Weekend Part I

The first year Ryan and I were married, we did not go to a pumpkin patch in October. I was very sad, especially living in Oregon where there are a bigillion pumpkin patches and everyone goes at least once. I told him from now on, it was going to be a tradition in our family. Well the next year Henry was born and we all remember how I could barely walk without falling. How was I going to trudge around in the mud at a pumpkin patch? Sadly, we did not go. I promised myself, from then on we would make it a tradition.

And then we moved!!!! Are there even any pumpkin patches in Arizona? I searched the internet and the closest real one was 5 hours away! Then I came across an old "friend." When I led Young Life back in the day at AJ, we would raise money at a near by farm. It was hard work, dusty, hot...I swore I never wanted to go back. Until...I found out they had a pumpkin festival. Good ole Schnepf Farms. It was still dusty and hot, but this time I did not have to yell at kids to stop drinking all the pop they were supposed to be selling and run around trying not to make Carrie Schnepf mad at us. This time, I got to walk around and enjoy myself and my family.

Henry wanted me to say thanks to his Papa for buying our tickets, thanks Grammy for buying our pumpkins, and thank you Schnepf Farms for helping us start our Pumpkin Patch Family Tradition!

And don't worry Papa and Grammy, I will not tell anyone how you cheated in the corn maze!

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