Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Henry's Birthday Weekend Part II

Henry had a great birthday party. Friends and Family all around him...cake, pinata, food...sounds just like my birthday parties when I was little. Enjoy the pictures!
We had to hang the pumpkin pinata upside-down, because he broke, Henry did not care!I made two delicious homemade cakes and I mean sugar and self rising flour homemade. The one in the picture is a carrot cake with baby food carrots and sinfully delicious cream cheese frosting. The other is a Oregon tweaked Texas Sheet Cake with hazelnuts instead of Walnuts...I can still taste it...YUMMY! Yes those are "Barrel of Monkeys" monkeys on the sides of the cake. Tata trying to steal Zane's cake.

Gotta love the Animal Train!
Thanks Langenbachs for letting us use your house!

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Jill Ann said...

YEAH now Henry has his own Giraffez.... Happy late birthday Henry.