Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Wheels on the Bus

As we get to the end of summer, I think we are to the half-way point of the really hot heat. And I am so happy about that.  Unfortunately, the end of July also signifies the end of Grammy daycare.  How lucky are we that Henry's Grammy is a teacher and WANTS to be with her grandsons every minute she is not teaching.  Let me tell you, it is a noisy and rough and tumble summer for my mom.  Henry is very attached to his Grammy.  Everyday when we leave, he begs Grammy to come with us, "tum on Drammy, tum on," and then cries in the car when he realizes she is not coming.  

So, today, Henry went back to school.  Just a half day, but he (and Ryan) missed breakfast with Grammy.  She came and picked him up at 10:15am.  We love our preschool and especially Miss Kim, but we are not ready to be away from Grammy.

Thankfully, Henry was super excited to be with his friends. 
He practically pushed us over to get to the door.

Here I am everybody!
A bus and a friend to play peek-a-boo
Thank you Grammy for giving the boys a summer together...we love you so much!

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Lydia Henry said...

I am the lucky one that all my grandsons are here in Arizona to have this time. Even though they are exhausting I wouldn't dream of sending them to daycare during the summer. It is with much saddest and guilt that I go back. I am glad that I do this gradually because I miss them so much when they are not with me. I am sad and think of them all day my first day back.

Ryan, you will never realize how much I enjoyed you coming early to spend time with me and have breakfast with Henry and I. I think I looked forward to the day. I know Joyce and Jerry felt the same way. Thank you for spending time with me. Henry and Jenny are so lucky to have you in their lives. As Cy has missed his times when you would come home and chat CNN news with him and the world's troubles at those times, I will miss my mornings with you.

One sad Grammy that "Grammy DayCare" is over for the summer.