Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hilary Young

So Hilary gets to go first, because she is getting married first.
I met Hilary through Kameron Hill (now Dill), who was Hilary's YL leader.
Kam was my partner in crime at the time, so I got to know Hil pretty fast.
You want Hilary on your side, especially if you want other people to join Young Life.  Hilary's Sophomore year we started having YL club at her house and I then fell in love with her family.  We hung out throughout her Olympian years and her senior year, I somehow got her parents to let her come to Germany with me to be my chaperone.  On our flight back to the states, we found out that we had to fly in separate planes.  I gave Hilary a panicked look and she said, "I will be fine."  I was not worried about her, I was worried about ME.    Hilary could hold her own and this in one of the many reasons I love and respect this young woman.  Hilary's calm spirit makes you want her to be in your pocket when you are going through hell. Her laugh is one of my favorite things.  Her spirit is full of fire.  She has about as much sass as I do and of course I think this is one of her best qualities.  She makes you want to do whatever she is doing, even if it is sitting on the couch talking to her mom. 
I am elated for her to enter a new and adventurous life with Jake.  One bit of advise for Jake: Do not offer her macaroni & cheese from a box...
Love you guys...the first year is exciting, do not let anyone tell you different!

Okay, so I really do have some great pics of Hilary, but it is pre-iBook and they are all in photo I owe you more pictures later. You are in a picture with Chancho though. I loved being on assignment with you in 2007...what a sweet time!
Love you friend!

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