Friday, July 10, 2009

Molly Girl

I met Molly when she was a freshman at Sprague High School.  I learned quickly that I would love Molly and like her a lot.  Molly is a silent leader and when she did speak...all listened.  She has a soft heart and loyal to the end.  Any coach would die to have a thousand Molly's on their team.  I was so honored to be a part of her high school life and now I get to be her friend.  
I remember picking her up from campaigners and the sad day when she could drive herself.  I remember taking her to camp and getting to be there her when SHE took kids to camp (every YL leader's proudest moment).  I remember talking about what we wanted in a husband and then being giddy about our Ryans together.  
Lots of pictures...lots of memories

How much do I loves these people?

Us & Deeg

Bacc with the girls

One of my all time fav. pictures of Molly & the State Championship boys

Molly always willing to stay until the end at a YL fundraiser

Student Leader end of the year meeting...we cried so hard

Remember this Molly?  Always keeping those boys in check.

I love these sisters

Another very sad moment that senior year

Molly, I am bursting with emotion when I think of you.  I cannot wait to see you walk down that aisle and marry the man of your dreams.  He is more than lucky! I love you Molly girl!

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