Tuesday, July 21, 2009

we'll cross that bridge when we get there

I love this bridge, I always have.  It used to house train tracks.  Recently, Salem added it to the repertoire of beautiful places to take a walk.  It jets out over the Willamette River from West Salem to Downtown.  So stinking amazing!

Okay, so I am, at times, a super nervous mom.  Throw a bridge with a gap where a small child could fall to his death and my feet sweat.  Luckily, Jodi is super calm, so it helped me a little, but I still held on to Henry for dear life. 
I cannot wait to walk it again...without Henry so I can enjoy it even more.

I was taking the next two pictures as we left thinking, I wish that lady wasn't in the way.  Then I thought, oh that looks like the dress Jenny Hill wore today...
Oh, that is Jenny Hill..isn't she beautiful
Oh, Salem I miss you already

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