Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fireworks, Family, Fundilicious

AJ Parks & Rec really out did themselves.
I may be partial, but what a great city & amazing people that work for the City of AJ.
It was Henry's first official fireworks...he was tired, but loved it!

Henry had a long day. He watched a whole movie at the theater (Zane's idea--he kept asking Tricia if she was going to a movie--finally we decided it was a really good idea--thanks mom for the treat)
His inaugural fireworks show starting a little over an hour after his bedtime
A great day; a grand weekend...Happy Birthday America--my 
home sweet home


Lydia Henry said...

I may be partial but I really believe our Parks and Rec Department is the best ever. What great pictures Jenny and enjoyed watching the boys enjoy their day. Glad we were all together for this event.

Thanks to my girls for the BBQ get-together. I am glad some things never change. You are the best Aunties in the world; always making sure the boys have a great time.


Dean said...

Ryan is looking good in picture number 2 sucking down the Jamba Juice