Saturday, August 1, 2009

Newly Married Connor

So my third and finally installation in my loves who had Summer Weddings is Connor Musick. Connor is the epitome of humble confidence. He oozes calmness and his spirit is winsome. He loved his friends no matter how goofy they got. Genuine. There is not a pretentious bone in his body. He showed up...when showing up probably wasn't always cool. He played the guitar at club, which is not really the most glamorous gig, especially when I was leading songs. I wanted to wrap him up in a box and save him for my daughter, which I don't have, but still. He would get out of his chair if a girl was standing. Just a great person and I am sure he will be a freakin' amazing husband and dad. Anyway here are some pictures that totally capture Connor.

Oh how we wish we could have been there yesterday for your day. We thought of you all day Connor and your sweet glad we got to meet the new addition to the Musick clan! We love you and your family!

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Kaytee said...

How come I never got a post like this when I got married??? I mean seriously, I'm part of the ORIGINAL campaigners crew!