Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yes, we bought shirts

No, last week we did not have AZ Cardinals shirts, but we got them this week. Yes, we did cheer for them all year, but like many others, did not believe in this moment. As I am writing this we are in the fourth quarter and just scored as I wrote the above lines. Like a true female in this family, I get nervous during the fourth quarter and can't watch.

Anyway our day was filled with fun, food and great friends and family...
Ryan's white chili and Liz's red chili--Yum

BOOOO 3D--week sauce
Alas, the Cardinals did not win today, but it was a fun game to watch! As a consolation prize NBC is giving us an hour-long Office episode--thank you!


TrishtheDish said...

UHHH! I missed chile?? That is lame. Also the pics of everyone in their glasses... awesome.

AJLiz said...

Sister - it was a fun day! So glad to share with you guys! Trishy, can't wait for you to be here, too.... love you both