Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ears are not my friend

Tomorrow, bright and early at 7:00am, Henry Boy will go under once again, this time for tubes in his ears. The nurse says it will take as long as going to get a cup of coffee and coming back. The doctor said maybe ten minutes. Henry has been suffering from ear infections on and off since we moved to Arizona. We tried the chiropractor, which worked for a while. The problem is the chiro cannot check his ears to see if it worked. Henry, like his mother a year ago, has been prescribed every antibiotic known to man, only to have his infection come back a day or two after we stop the meds. So, he will be one of those kids with ear plugs in the pool. Oh well.
I want to write a children's book about going to the doctor. I know there are a gajillion, but every time we are at the doctor, which is at least twice a week, I wish I had a good, special book to read Henry.
Oh ya, Henry also went to urgent care a week ago. He hit his head, smack in the middle on the bottom hinge of the door. He has had many falls, mainly caused by his abilities not yet matching his confidence level. I am sure this will be one of many. The first time I ever went to the hospital or the ER was when I was pregnant. Raising boys is a tad different on the injury I've been told. Luckily we have a hospital income policy with State Farm, that really has come in handy and I am sure that it will continue to help us out financially. (I know, shameless plug for State Farm, but it is true.)

Poor guy, first the Cardinals, now this.

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