Monday, February 9, 2009

Do you hear what I hear?

Henry's surgery went splendid. We arrived at the surgery center, where we paid in full for the procedure. I handed the receptionist my debit card like we had the money in the bank, as a chucked my insurance card in my purse secretly flipping it off because what good does it do anyway. (I found out later that everyone pays up front no matter what kind of insurance you have.)
Anyhoo, we had been through the surgery drill before and I had to keep myself from saying...I know, I know. Dr McKenna came in and made us laugh and told us the surgery would be done in a wink. I loved the nurse who came and got Henry, mainly because she took him quickly, but also because he did not cry with her for some reason.
I went to the bathroom and 2 minutes later, Dr. McKenna was saying, "Congratulations you are the proud Grandparents of two baby tubes!" He also said that Henry would instantly feel better and hear better because he syringed a ton of mucus out of his ear...pour guy.
Soon after the doctor was done talking Henry was coming out of anesthesia slashing around. We took him home and he was playing like nothing had
Now if I could just figure out the orange ear plugs!

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Minor Family said...

Hi Jenny! I found your blog from your Facebook page. My daughter had tubes put in at 10 months old. It made a world of difference, and yes the ear plugs are a pain! I hope all is well with you and your family!

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Marcey (Bangs) Minor