Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I miss Oregon today

Not for any particular reason I guess. Well maybe because I found these first few pictures in a long lost folder on Ryan's computer. Made me miss my friends and some of my favorite moments. Ryan in a cowboy hat asking me to take a picture with him and me wondering if he liked me yet. Sitting on the Sprague soccer bench...loving the girls on the field and have a very special place for the girls that sat with me on the bench, entertaining me and teaching me about soccer and life. Jenny Hill and I as the ASU vs. OSU game...the one we walked ten miles to get to. A couple of pictures from our engagement party with friends that make your heart hurt you miss them so bad. Lora's bach party at the Melting Pot, I can still see her licking the pot (not marijuana, the pot the chocolate came in). A couple of new pictures from our December trip. The Sandersons--oh how we miss you! And a million more pictures running through my head of people and places...
Ryan & Jenny pre-dating

Jenny on the bench trying to sneak cookies to the girls

Pictures from our engagement surprise party

Melting Pot

Love you guys

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