Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bad Football Wife

Okay, so me and some of my friends have this book we are going to write about various dumb things we said when we were single, one being things I will never do when I get married.
And tonight is thing #72: I will never complain about my husband watching sports like some wives do.
YA RIGHT! Last year I told my husband, "I used to like sports." Football season and Baseball season seem to have become the bain of my existance. Right now, as I am writing this we are watching the first OSU Beaver Football game. Ryan tries to include me, "Watch this, watch this!" I lose interest at about the middle of the 1st quarter and then again at about the last 2 minutes of the 3rd quarter when I think the game is almost over and then it really has another quarter!
Don't get me wrong, I do love the Beavers and I like going to watch games live and if the game is an important game (I can just hear Ryan saying, "all of them are important.") I will enjoy watching it on TV. Maybe it is all the Fantasy Football Leagues and in years past we went to EVERY high school game (I do love going to HS games), then we watch college football all day Saturday and sometimes Thursday, and then EVERY professional game on Sunday and finally Monday Night Football.

So as this 2008 Football Season starts I make a semi-serious pledge to not be a bad Football wife.

My little guy...another reason to try to love sports again.

My two guys


Eric and Jamie said...

Good for you, Jenny! Eric was gone on a trip yesterday so I had to watch the game and every time he called I had to give him an update and then the play by play... if you didn't love it before, you will learn to love it. Go Beavs!!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! I am totally that single girl that thinks "I'll never be that wife..." and I'm laughing at your post, b/c I'm sure it comes back to bite ya!

I was posting on Lisa S' facebook wall and saw you telling her to blog - I'm a blogging addict, so I came to check yours out :) Hello from MN!