Monday, August 25, 2008

rain...arizona style

So, today I met Ryan for lunch in Mesa and on my way back I see this storm over the Superstition Mountains (my mountain). I race (not really, safety first, fun a close second), to get home so I can be there when it starts raining. I love the rain. In fact, this morning I was watching the today show and Al (first named basis with all my Today Show friends) said it was raining in the Pacific Northwest. My heart sank a bit missing my Oregon rain and all that comes with it. As I near A.J, I am guessing that the Lord is pretty fond of me, and I start to realize that I am going to get my rain after all with a storm to boot.
Lightning, thunder, 101 degrees, cool rain drops and the sweet smell of the desert finally getting a cool drink of water. I stand in it for a while. Have you ever smelled desert rain? Yummy, the closest I got to it in Oregon was Wildhorse Canyon, but there are a lot of sage bushes out there, and so often there is a hint of cat pee smell in it.

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Lora said...

um, so yah, i watched the entire today show myself this morning. natalie is about ready to pop and that blouse was NOT working for her. what's really bad is that i made it half-way through the fourth hour too, you know the b-version with kathie lee? this is not good.