Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's Wrong with AJ?

So, yesterday I took cranky Henry to the Pediatrician right next to my mom's house--we walked there. Fantastic location. Anyway, we get in right away (Henry finally hit the 16 pound mark and he is 10 months old today--Happy Birthday Henry-Boy) and the doctor starts asking me get-to-know-you questions. He proceeds to tell me how we should absolutely NOT buy a house in AJ--I guess he forgot right away that I said my parents live here. Now I have done my fair share of griping and making fun of Apache Junction, but it is kinda like making fun of your family--only you can do it and if someone else does you want to pummel them with a saguaro cactus (speaking of Saguaro Cactus--never mind that is for another blog). So I let him have his little say about AJ and how dirty Walmart is and he tells me Henry has an ear infection--sad...second one in AZ. Walking out of the office I walk past a few people all who smell like smoke and have a few teeth missing and I start to wonder if what everyone says about my hometown is true.

And then in mid-list of what's wrong with AJ, yes folks, I make a top ten list of what's RIGHT with Apache Junction, Arizona and here it is:
(these, by the way, are irrefutable facts, so do not even try to argue with me)

1. My parents live here.
2. The Superstition Mountains--glorious
3. Home of the world famous Lady Prospectors--yes they were famous with Tricia and Tara playing and Liz and my dad coaching, if you saw them in action, you would agree!
4. 4th of July Fireworks show. The whole town goes to the football field just like the good-ole-days! The display is better than ever.
5. Still quiet in most places. I can hear the birds all day everyday.
6. Mr. Olmstead. Still teaching math and making in impact in young people's lives.
7. Little Prospector Preschool. Best preschool in the continental United States and maybe the world and not just because all of my sisters and my mom have worked there. I would put their website on here, but they do not have one.
8. When you get in a wreck, you know the paramedics and firefighters who come to the scene.
9. It is where I started leading Young Life--some of my favorite kids of all time!
10. AJ is where I grew up, where my elementary school, junior high and high school still reside (although they look a little different). It is where I had my first kiss, made my first basket, and had my first job (Sonic Drive-In--which would have been on my top ten, but it is not the same as it was back then). Apache Juntion is my hometown and although I could fill this page with things that drive me crazy about this is mine, so don't mess with it Mr. Pediatrician.
The picture is of Tricia and Henry with the Superstitions behind them--yes that is a rainbow behind the mountain.


Eric and Jamie said...

You go girl! Don't let the doc tell you otherwise. We miss you around here but it sounds like you are enjoying your time there. Check out our blog...

PS Ever since the last time we saw you, Tayler's teddy bear has been called Henry.... :)

My Three Sons Designs said...

There must be something to that little town, cause the people I love that are from there LOVE IT with a fierceness I've never seen about a PLACE...
but I still think you should buy in mesa :)