Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Poor Little Guy

Yes folks, Henry has ear infection number three in the past 2 months...ahhhhhh! He just got off his last antibiotics four stinkin days ago!!! (I know the three exclamation points are redundant, BUT SO ARE HIS EAR INFECTIONS!!!!!)

That's the bad news, the good news is we found this amazing pediatric urgent care. If you live in the East Valley, you will want to check it out--if your kids are in need of urgent care that is.
www.phoenixchildrens.com/contact-pch/map-directions/urgent_care.html (I tried to be cool and post the website picture here, but not that smart yet...)

Why I love it:
1. Big, clean, fun waiting room. Cars was playing on a plasma TV.
2. All the staff were friendly and helpful. Our PA looked like Henry's Aunt Kristi, who is also a PA (our favorite PA) and she was super friendly.
3. They took my Kaiser Permanente card! Thank you Jesus!!

Here is Henry with his tag they put on his ankle. He worked on getting it off the whole time we were there and finally right before we left he succeeded. (These pictures are a reenactment)

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