Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who loves the zoo?

Not ME! Sorry, add bad mom to bad wife.
On Labor Day I had the big idea of going to the zoo with our family. Me and Ryan, Henry, my baby sister Tara, my big sister Liz, my brother-in-law Wayne and the other loves of my life my nephews Zach and Zane all ventured out to one of the top 5 zoos in the U.S.--the Phoenix Zoo.

It was a nice warm day in sunny Arizona. Actually it was hot, with the occasional cloud covers that we were thankful for.

So who loved the zoo? Zach of course did reading us the signs and running to all the exhibits. He was only disappointed by the animals who were too hot to come and acknowledge his presence...most of them did come over to him. I heard a few times from Zach, "Why are all the animals looking at me?" The elephant even stopped what he/she was doing and came over to him.

2 year old Zane loved it! He was soooo excited and cute about EVERYTHING, especially the orangutans!

Henry also loved the zoo...he loved to point at everything just like his cousins. I knew Henry would like it based on our daily bird watching...and he did even with no nap!

At the end of the day, I was ready to leave, but knew I would be back. Although I do not personally like the zoo...I love three little boys who LOVE the zoo!

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My Three Sons Designs said...

want to come visit me & we'll go to the san diego zoo? it's right by my new house...and I promise it won't be hot...