Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am loosely saying yes to this project of decluttering and cleaning every inch of the inside of this house. I hear some snickers out there. I know, I deserve it. If any of you have ever lived with me, near me or ever been to my house you know I am the queen of piles. Piles of clothes, piles of paper, piles of swept up things that never quite get into a dust pan and into the garbage. Oh and do not forget my new pile--my pile of coupons--hundreds of them. I love my coupons and they are saving me money (ie: two new pairs of jeans from Target, clearanced plus a $5 coupon--drum roll please--$1.24 each--ZABADOO), but they are adding to my clutter and mess.

I will be showing you before and after pictures.

Are you thinking, "Ya right."
I know me too, but that is my goal.
Maybe Liz will come and help, she is the Queen of Tidy. Hmm, I probably need to do this on my own. I should probably start on Grammy's Room, she is coming in a week and a half. This starts on Friday, so I will have a week.
We'll see...

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TrishtheDish said...

Oh sister... Good luck!

I really like my word verification: Tabdeda