Friday, March 25, 2011

Get It Together--Part 3--Finished

This week: Go through kids' CLOTHES and TOYS
oh boy
I thought eventually this would be a hot spot and it took everything I had to just let this be and worry about the other tasks at hand. So imagine my excitement when I got to tackle this hurdle this week.
I only posted pictures of Henry's clothes, but I organized Will's too.
I decided to do Henry's toys without his help this time. I went through the playroom everyday and took out toys each time. I was a bit overwhelmed, but everyday it got easier to decipher what to keep and what to put away or throw away.

Henry's Clothes
Last week he actually said, "MOM! that's for my books!"
socks and underwear are in that box for easy access for Henry
I told him he could jump into this pile
Will wanted to be the one in charged of decluttering the snack cupboard in the kitchen
Ohhh M&M's, I better eat these before mom catches me
"Holy Hairballs" as SkippyJon Jones would say
Ryan and I spent one of the nights this week going through like 100 books
books are hard for us because we love them all
half-way done
kids woke up early from naptime--they played while I organized
I was watching Sense and Sensibility
(last week I watched both Pride and Prejudices--
I personally like the Colin Firth version better, sorry young people. Next week--Emma)
finished playroom
Looks good huh? I even vacuumed.
It is getting there people.


Lydia Henry said...

Did you find the red tub of toys I put in the room I used. When the kids were napping I put them in that closet. It left less for them to throw around. Forgot to tell you.

Kristi said...

I am very impressed Ms. Jenny! You are doing so well. Love seeing pics of your house!