Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter Wondersled

Time to go sledding. Henry is so excited although he does not know what he is getting ready to do...

Buddies ready to adventure together.

Baby Will had the warmest time
Let's get to it. Notice Henry's gloves. I left his hat and gloves on the bathroom counter.
We made it without dying...yeah!
A little more serious about their sledding together. I of course wanted to close my eyes while they were sledding, but alas taking pictures won out.

Henry LOVED sledding as you can see by his face.

I love this picture of SuzGo Parker!

Yes, I was scared
because I did not want to land like this...
How dare you!

And now I trust her with Will, that's the kind of sister I amTricia looks confident here
but really she is scared to death
She would rather be vertical
Beautiful sisters

Love you girls
I think this is our first solo picture in about 3 years

Thanks Kruses for a fun place to stay and great company!
When can we go to the snow again?


KIM said...

Hello friend!! I love all the sleding pictures! looks like you all had a BLAST!! the boys are getting too big! we all miss you @ TLP. give the boys hugs and kisses 4 me please!! :) xoxo

TrishtheDish said...

I wanna go back and NOT cough all weekend :)