Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get It Together--Part One

First Hot Spot Revealed--Master Closet.
Good news, I have my own. Bad news, most of my clothes are scattered through out my master bedroom. So, although this is not where I would have chosen to start, it is the perfect place to start.
I am going to start outside of my closet and work my way in, mainly because I do not have the luxury of spending a weekday in my room holed up.
Picture one is a box that has slowly thrown up all around itself. It is an eye sore and I need to go through it TODAY.
Picture two is a chair in our room that has become a catch all of things that are clean, but I have been to lazy to put away. Well, today is the day that it gets gone through and put away. (Again, I hear the snickers.) I am committed, mainly because there is a chance to win something. Wanna join or just see what I am doing check it out here.

1 comment:

Julie Young said...

You can do it! Motivation to win something always helps =0)