Sunday, October 25, 2009


Henry does this new trick where he says, for example, "want to go to the pumpkin patch?" And then I foolishly repeat it to make sure I understood him, "Do you want to go the the Pumpkin Patch?" Then Henry answers, "yes!" As if I was asking him. We did this all week. On Saturday he said, "Pumpkin Patch tomorrow." And then Sunday morning says, "Pumpkin Patch!" So, we had a Mom & Son date, just the two of us back to our new favorite PP. It was much cooler. I mainly followed Henry around. We went on the train and then spent the majority of the time with the animals. He pretended to feed the animals and talked to them. He also went through a mini-maze all by himself.

He really loved the young chickens...sorry Auntie Tricia

sorry about the goat-butt picture, but you can see Henry bossing them around

Good idea Henry-Boy, thanks for loving Pumpkin Patches as much as I do


TrishtheDish said...

He is such a smart baby. No birds Henry Boy!

Lydia Henry said...

Let's plan to go soon.