Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From Small Things, Big Things One Day Come

Oh Henry, from the moment we saw you squirreling around on the ultra-sound, I knew you would steal my heart...make me love you and drive me crazy all at the same time.
Things I have loved this second year of your life:
  1. words--you have a lot of them. Funny ones, serious ones, bossy ones, sassy ones and loving ones. I love when you say, "Not like thaaat," and drag out the "a"
  2. bath time--you have your own world in there. My favorite thing was one time when the alligator was being mean to the frog you said, "Now you are going to have to sit with me." And then you held the alligator to your chest gently and broke my heart.
  3. cousins--I love how you wrestle with them, laugh with them, watch them and yes, even fight with them.
  4. read--you go in your room, close the door (sometimes in my face) and read behind your door. I love hearing you read the words you have memorized.
  5. sing--you love your preschool songs and like to sing them loud, especially in the grocery store.
  6. play--you love to throw your animals from one place to another.
  7. puzzles--wow, how could you not love them when your parents are fanatics
  8. I just love you, not for what you do, but for who you are...and the brave, funny, serious, loving boy that you are becoming.
You are unbelievably loved my little two year's to year 3.

Thanks Lou Lou for taking Henry out for his birthday dinner and ice cream.

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