Sunday, October 18, 2009

...and the 5 Little Pumpkins rolled out of sight!

Pumpkin Patches are my passion. We tried Vertuccio Farms this year right next to Ryan's work. It had all we needed and not as expensive as Schnepf (and no bad memories of the Peach Festivals that I worked back in the day). It was a little warm for my taste, but sunshine is good. I may even go again...Zane and Zach would enjoy.
Special Guest Star: Pedro, Henry's Brazilian Uncle
(Ryan's Brazilian brother that stayed with them for a year in the 90's)

Ryan loves when I make us pose...I love it!

Henry gets to ride the Cow's my ticket

Thanks Ryan for taking one for the team
"How Tall This Fall"
Pedro being a good sport
Corn Maze
This way guys!
Henry leading the way
The Goose Whisperer

Four Little Pumpkins rode out of sight (that is 3 pumpkins and my Henry Boy pumpkin)

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