Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh Poop

We spent 4 hours in the Urgent Care on Sunday night with a Henry Boy who would not drink and if he did, it was exiting quickly.
He got his first IV and a book. Fluids were injected and we were sent home. Doctor says it was probably an intestinal virus.
did not get better...I cried all the way to the ER.
We spent 9 hours in the Emergency Room on Monday with a Henry Boy who still would not drink and the exiting thing was getting worse. It was a ridiculous experience in the ER filled with Arizona's finest...
He got his second IV. No book this time, but was poked 3 times to get a vein. Sadness. Fluids were injected and we were sent back into the waiting room IV and all to further witness the parenting of Arizona's finest.

thanks Tara for coming to our rescue and documenting our day
Henry was still not drinking, so we were admitted to the hospital. I was actually relieved, because then the nurses and doctors could do the majority of the worrying.
Henry was isolated from all the other kids. Weird that I was frustrated, because in the ER all I wanted was to be away from people.
Lots more fluids in and lots more fluids out.
Diagnosis...Rotavirus. Poop.
Good nurses, except for the one who gave him ice cream when he had not eaten ANYTHING for two days. I protested, she insisted and Henry threw up. Too bad she was not in the room.
Since Monday Henry kept saying, "Ready to go home?" And finally Wednesday afternoon he (and his mom) got their wish. One week before he turned two.
As we drove away, Henry says, "Ready to go to the library?"
Gotta LOVE this Henry Boy.

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Lydia Henry said...

Being healthy and happy again is all we prayed for. Thank you sweet Jesus for allowing Henry to be with us to celebrate. Nana, we missed your presence there but knew you were a part of all our celebrating.