Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday Party Excitement

So in all the sickness and hospital nonsense, I put Henry's 2nd Birthday Party planning on the back burner and then turned the burner off. Whoops. Little did I know my mom and her siblings were taking care of us and firing up some plans...of course, this is how things are done in the Padilla family. I wanted to have the party at my Tata's house in Florence, because Henry and his mom love Tata's yard. So they divvied up the food and all we did was show up with the cake. We arrived to a standing ovation...everyone was there before us...whoops again.

I'll eat you up, I love you so

Thanks for helping cousins, this may have taken days. Henry was actually blowing at this point, but you can't tell.

We love Nemo

Anyway Henry loved celebrating his birthday with all of his most favorite people in Arizona. He got a lot of great gifts. Pajamas that he needed desperately and fun clothes (my Aunt Kathy bought the shirt that I REALLY wanted at Target). He kept throwing the clothes off the table to make room for his toys. Thanks all my family for taking care of us and being so generous with Henry. We are so BLESSED!

Henry loved that everyone was singing to him

Some post party wrestling

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