Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast--Little Prospector Style

First of all it was raining...I know ironic. The feast is always outside, so we were bummed. But the feast must go on. My kids were amazed by the rain and stood by the door for about 30 minutes fighting for the front. Hey kids try living in Oregon.
It is an absolute must that ALL the kids in the school eat together in one place for the feast, so we put our Native American garb on and piled into the Discovery Room. I love the idea of being together, who cares if anyone can move. The fact that no one could move actually worked for our class...I was loving that they could not get out of their seats. We ate Turkey (chicken), mashed potatoes, corn, rolls and a cookie or pumpkin pie. It was fun while it lasted, the kids were late laying down for their nap, but it was worth the crankiness. Hope your Thanksgiving was as amazing as ours!


Eric and Jamie said...

That is the cutest thing ever! Happy (late) Thanksgiving to you too!

Lora said...

oh my gosh, that totally brings back memories of making little vests out of paper bags and head-dresses out of construction paper! i loved making the fringe on the vests when i was little...oh, so cool.

you need to be here TONIGHT for the cocktail party at the hills. i need to laugh with you.

miss you.