Monday, December 22, 2008

This is the Best Christmas Ever

A tradition that we Henry's have as we decorate the Christmas Tree, is to say constantly, "This is the best Christmas Ever!"
I have always put the Christmas lights on our tree...sometimes my mom does it, but mainly me. And this year we did not skimp on the lights! I love them.Of course Zach was the main ornament put-er on-er. He takes his job very seriously making sure they are spaced correctly.Every year my mom buys all the kids and grandkids an ornament. This is the male 2008 ornament.And this is the ornament for all the girls in the family. We have a cajillion ornaments, so we decided to only put the wood ones and the clay ones that had our names on them on the tree this year...the tree was still FULL of ornaments. One day we will all take our own ornaments to our own trees and my mom can have the tree of her dreams--but not until I say.I had to finish the tree in the line of fire. Zach and Zane were playing war with each other. Zane kept saying, "Shoot Me, shoot me."
Zane's turn! Last year baby Henry got to put the star up on the tree and this year it is Zane's turn. He did a great job (with his mom's help of course)!
You never know this may actually turn out to be the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!!!!

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