Saturday, November 29, 2008

All About Henry

Ryan and I are surprised by Henry everyday. Here are a few of the things that our 1 year and 1 month old is doing lately...

1. Talking. He has becoming a little mocking bird. He said "Turkey" on Thanksgiving. He likes to look at pictures and point to people and say their name, my favorite is when he says "Wayne." We were at church the other day and he saw a statue of Mary and said, "Tricia." He was awake in his crib at 4:30am last week and was calling for "Nannad" (Grandad) and to my mom's dismay, calls her Mammy. We have been practicing LuLu, Papa & Meme and all his aunts and uncles names for when we come to Oregon in December. He also knows Jodi and Dean from their wedding picture on the fridge.

2. "SIDE!!!" Henry LOVES to be outside and could spend hours outside drudging around in the dirt. I let him get as dirty as possible. When anyone comes into the room he screams a high pitched, "SIDE!"

3. No NO! The teachers at the preschool say that he is their other teacher. When they tell a baby "no no" he crawls over and tells them "no no" over and over. Great...I wonder who he gets the bossiness from.

4. NANE! He loves his cousins. He gets to hang out with Zane a lot...I love when they are both sitting in their carseats and Zane makes Henry laugh hysterically.

5. Books. Still loves books. When he is getting extra sassy, I tell him to go read his books and he crawls (not walking yet) over to his books and talks to his books.

6. Elbow and Unee (Elmo and Ernie). We watch Elmo's Christmas Countdown everyday. Yes, Henry watches tv, call the cops. He calls it his "show."