Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dedicated to the One I Love


We had a very emotional Sunday as my husband simultaneously mourned the Yankee season ending before October and Yankee Stadium having its last hurrah! We watched ESPN for 5 hours as the nation and our family said good-bye to an icon of America's favorite pastime. Luckily Ryan went to New York this summer with his dad, so they could say good-bye in person to Yankee Stadium...the House that Ruth Built. Here are a few pictures of their time...

In the dugout

Monument Park

In "the Tunnel"

G for Gelbrich

Yankee Stadium

And one day baby Henry will hear the stories of the original Yankee Stadium and experience the NEW Yankee Stadium with his Papa and his Daddy.

Note: My favorite Yankee of all time is Lou Gehrig. Mainly, because two years ago I was reading his life story with a small group of fourth graders in a Scott Foresman and I started crying...good stuff!

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