Friday, March 5, 2010

One day I will live with Jenny Henry

On the day that I asked Jodi if I could be a roommate at Stanley Lane, she told me she had told her mom, "One day I will live with Jenny Henry." And that started 5 years of living with the EASIEST, most grace giving, funny, musical performing, loving friend/person. There is no one that knows Jodi that does not love her and feel loved by her.
And today is her birthday. And my present is this blog and the next one after I find my older pictures of our history on Stanley Lane and Feather Cloud Street.

Also Jodi is saying good-bye to Grandma Cookie this weekend. I think the first time I met G Cookie, Jodi went into her room and curled up in bed with her and they laughed together and then we borrowed, "Regarding Henry" from her and then lost it and she never forgot it. Grandma Cookie lives on in Jod. Maybe you will not be as sassy as her, but when you are a Grandma one day, you will be just as fun and just as loving. And you can call me Gina, just like she did. Love you Jodi and I hope as much sorrow as you feel during this time, is also accompanied by pure Joy as well. You deserve it. I am blessed to know you and your family and I am so thankful that there was an open room at Stanley Lane almost 10 years ago.

~Happy Birthday~

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