Monday, March 29, 2010


Henry's New Friend

We are proud parents.
It has only been two weeks and he is asking to go potty.
I have to admit about 2 months ago I tried and quit all in the same day.
Ryan has been very consistent and the jumper upper when Henry makes the face (I can no longer jump up)
Grammy helped the first week, which is the hardest week
By the time he went back to preschool, he was almost a pro
No accidents the second week
By this weekend he was asking to go

I love this boy and I am ecstatic that we are almost diaper free. I am also kinda sad because this means something. He is growing up. I love him so much.


jodi said...

Way to go Henry!! Jacob told us he had to go yesterday and actually went. Imagine that

joyq said...

Whoo hoo! I want Addie to see this post, for inspiration you know!