Friday, March 12, 2010

Jodi Reslock

My wedding day, what bliss, what heat, what wedding programs. No mistakes on those programs, except for one little one. I cannot remember who brought it to my attention, but they said something about a mistake on the program. I checked that thing 100 times and there were no mistakes. Then they pointed to Jodi's name and I was like ya that is how you spell Jodi and Reslock. Oh whoops, for almost a year she had been Sanderson, not Reslock and I had not even realized for a second that I had got it wrong. I did not feel that bad and I still don't, but it is Dean's birthday and so I will say Ha Ha wasn't that funny?
Really I will say Happy Birthday Dean...glad you and my husband are married.

I found these other pictures in my archives on the white mac. I did not know which pictures I was choosing, I just knew they were of Dean's childhood. I thought they were priceless picks and I hope all of you in blog world feel the same.


You are one of a kind Dean Reslock
I mean Sanderson.

The Gelbrich family is proud of you and loves you!


Otis said...

Happy Birthday Dean. I'm glad Jenny didn't post the pic Chad had floating around a few years ago of you... especially today!

Sweet Mama Jame said...

If it makes you feel any better, I didn't notice the mistake... ;) Looks like you have some awesome friends!